Monday, July 4

<------- Backing Up A Little <--------

Hi there! ~ It's been awhile! 

I don't think there are any rules about this on Blogspot but I feel as though I shouldn't post about current things until I have gotten caught up on all that has happened since I last posted, which was I don't know about three months ago?!  So here goes with a quick scrapbooking snapshot of a pretty busy spring.........all revolving around our kids of course, which is all good stuff because as much as I might feeling like complaining at times, I am truly enjoying this stage of life.

The show choir season ended on a "high note" as Leanne was asked to fill in and sing the opening solo at their last performance.  She did just fine!  Really fine, actually.  Her mom and dad were very nervous as they had never heard her sing out loud before really and then when she nailed it mom and dad were pretty much bursting with pride... and relief.  Oofda.

She also made great strides :)! in track this spring doing the hurdles.

Brian turned 19 and grajeated from hischool! More on that later.

After quite an ordeal finding the green striped tie,
Landon was an usher for his good friend/cousin, Josh, 
who married Lindsey in a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Landon also turned 21 in June on our anniversary,
and omygosh all I can do is shake my head in disbelief.
That means 22 years of marriage for the old guy and me.

I came home from work one day and caught the kids in a rare moment- playing a game of Catan just the three of them! Priceless.  The look on their faces is more of disgust and not pricelessness but a picture had to be taken nonetheless.

Meistro Brian performing at his piano recital.

Leanne getting her cartilage pierced at Walmart with
her friend, Laura.  It really wasn't that bad.

Leanne started her first real job at Lueken's grocery store, where both of her brothers also work!  So if you shop at Lueken's you are likely to see one or more of them there!

And now....moving on....!

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