Thursday, February 9

Extreme Makeover Kitchen Edition

Gosh, it has been a LONG time since I posted on here.  Life gets crazy I guess.  I get lazy I guess. Plus, I discovered Peggle. 

I will have to do some backtracking but the most exciting thing in our world lately is a new kitchen, from scratch.  The only thing that is the same is the sink, not the faucet, just the sink.  And the refrigerator is a couple years old I guess.  We weren't planning on replacing everything but that's the thing about do-it-yourself projects, they always get to be more time, more money, more work than you plan for.  I mean, how hard could it be to replace a few basic cabinets?  Two to three weeks max, right?

Here's the before pictures......

 (Our new stove is in the before photo).
Started out painting the ceiling in living, dining, kitchen and entry.  Possibly the least favorite part of the whole thing.  : /
Then tearing out all the old cabinets.
Bare naked. 
Installing the new cabinets after painting the walls.
 With a little help from some friends.

 Ended up having to rip out the vinyl and parquet floor under that because the tallest cabinet wouldn't slide under the soffet and the old vinyl ripped so guess what, a new floor too!
 I think this was just before we discovered that long countertop piece was a few inches too short. !@#* 
Not a happy moment---we had to re-order and pay for a new one and wait another couple weeks for it to come. Grrrr.  This looks like a smile but it is really a Grrrr...

Getting the new counter top together... this was just after Bill was ready to take a gun to Menards because it didn't seem to be fitting together right.  But we talked him down. It did fit.
And Wah~lah!  It's done!  Only two and a half months and a few thousand dollars later.  Complete with a dishwasher.  After living 47 years without a dishwasher-it's hard to get used to.  I like it though, I like it a lot.

We are now experts in cabinet and countertop installation so call us when you plan you to re-do your kitchen.  On second thought, you should call professionals.  Trust me.

Saturday, October 1


That's the word that comes to mind when you go outside right now.  Wow!  Last night was a perfect evening for a walk at Lake Bemidji State Park.

Those lights across the lake in the photo below are the football stadium where the Bemidji Lumberjacks were playing their Homecoming game- they won!  We thought about going to the game but I'm glad we went for a walk instead!

Happy Fall! :)

Thursday, September 29

Oakes Reunion 2011

Most of the Oakes bunch gathered in Bemidji on the weekend of July 4th.  Okay, so I am a little slow in posting.  I would have sooner but I lost all but 2 of my photos of the whole weekend !#$%*(darn it).  I don't know how- they disappeared out of My Pictures folder and before I realized it I had erased my SD camera card to make more room on it. !#$%*(drat).  It was one of those very thistley moments. Grrrr.

Thankfully, some others took photos too, so thank you, Dave, for sending me yours!

We met the first evening at our house for fruit pizza, CHOCOLATE, visiting, card playing, and making reunion t-shirts!

Saturday morning some of us paddled the Schoolcraft River in canoes.  I had some great photos. Had. Grrr.  That afternoon we met at Oak Hills for more visiting, swimming, and a picnic.

Sunday we met for a Kentucky Fried lunch at Bryce and Heather's before heading downtown (in our reunion t-shirts) to watch the annual 4th of July parade in front of Chocolates Plus.  That is a great store by the way. :) 

Then that afternoon we all met at Chris and Janel's for more relaxing, visiting, swimming, good food, a bonfire and even some fireworks!  I am not sure why these next photos got so small and I can't fer the life of me figure out how to enlarge them.  Sorry.

It was a fun weekend with all those crazy Oakies and plans for the next one were already being made before we said goodbye.  The only thing that would have made the weekend better is if Mike and Julie and their boys could have been with us-- we missed them :(