Thursday, February 9

Extreme Makeover Kitchen Edition

Gosh, it has been a LONG time since I posted on here.  Life gets crazy I guess.  I get lazy I guess. Plus, I discovered Peggle. 

I will have to do some backtracking but the most exciting thing in our world lately is a new kitchen, from scratch.  The only thing that is the same is the sink, not the faucet, just the sink.  And the refrigerator is a couple years old I guess.  We weren't planning on replacing everything but that's the thing about do-it-yourself projects, they always get to be more time, more money, more work than you plan for.  I mean, how hard could it be to replace a few basic cabinets?  Two to three weeks max, right?

Here's the before pictures......

 (Our new stove is in the before photo).
Started out painting the ceiling in living, dining, kitchen and entry.  Possibly the least favorite part of the whole thing.  : /
Then tearing out all the old cabinets.
Bare naked. 
Installing the new cabinets after painting the walls.
 With a little help from some friends.

 Ended up having to rip out the vinyl and parquet floor under that because the tallest cabinet wouldn't slide under the soffet and the old vinyl ripped so guess what, a new floor too!
 I think this was just before we discovered that long countertop piece was a few inches too short. !@#* 
Not a happy moment---we had to re-order and pay for a new one and wait another couple weeks for it to come. Grrrr.  This looks like a smile but it is really a Grrrr...

Getting the new counter top together... this was just after Bill was ready to take a gun to Menards because it didn't seem to be fitting together right.  But we talked him down. It did fit.
And Wah~lah!  It's done!  Only two and a half months and a few thousand dollars later.  Complete with a dishwasher.  After living 47 years without a dishwasher-it's hard to get used to.  I like it though, I like it a lot.

We are now experts in cabinet and countertop installation so call us when you plan you to re-do your kitchen.  On second thought, you should call professionals.  Trust me.