Saturday, January 29

~here's to Isabelle~

Isabelle, the cat.  Friendliest cat ever.  She is a Maine Coon
and Leanne bought her with most of her own money from the
Humane Society after we found her former cat, Sissy, all stiff
under a pile of wood one day. 
Leanne taking a nap on the patio with Isabelle.
Isabelle lived at our house for quite a few years but disappeared this
last fall and we haven't seen her since. :(
 I think Isabelle grew up a house cat but she had to stay outside
at our house.  Every chance she had she would try to come in,
it only took her a minute to get comfy in this chair before I had
to throw her out again.
I think R.J. misses her the most.  They were BFF.
They shared. 
 They fought played.

The posed.
Now look left.
Now look apart.
Now look at me.
A few years ago we had a renter in our apartment who also really
liked Isabelle.  So much so that he offered a couple hundred dollars
for her.  He would have taken her with him back to Pennsylvania.
Leanne carefully considered the offer but decided no, she wanted
to keep her cat.  I was proud of her.
She might be regretting that decision now.

Monday, January 24

Canadianz, curlerz and more curlerz....

We enjoyed having zome of Landon'z friendz from Canada
here lazt weekend.  They didn't even zay eh.  Nice boyz.
 They had great time talking philozophy, bowling, drinking
coffee, eating zwedish pancakez, taking zaunaz, and a friendly
game of global domination.  (Yez, that iz my Chriztmaz tree
ztill up on January 24, zo what.)
On Zaturday, Bill and I took a road trip to Grand Rapidz, MN.
Brian's Team Epic curled in the Itazca Junior Bonzpiel there.

They were undefeated until the lazt game and took
2nd place, winning the zilver medal! :) Good job boyz!!
To celebrate we went to Zorbaz for pizza.  We zat on an actual
pontoon!  The table waz HUGE!  The pizza waz good.
 We might have a Zorbaz coming to Bemidji if the city and
county can agree on a 2 a.m. bar clozing.  We'll zee about that.
Itz Zhow Choir Zeazon for Leanne and that meanz lotz of
curlerz in the hair to make the Zhow Choir Do.
All I wanted waz a nice pic of the do but zhe wouldn't cooperate. 
Zhe was tired after four perfomancez thiz weekend at the Dinner Zhow.
Here'z a little better one without the do.
Here'z the 2011 La Voce Ballo choir.   
A couple shotz from lazt year.

More picturez to come from thiz yearz zhow!

Tuesday, January 18

Truffle Tragedy

Do you want to hear a sad story? 

I have had a $20 gift certificate for Chocolate's Plus
burning a hole in my purse for a few weeks.  I finally
got there yesterday and spent several minutes drooling on
the glass case and picking out which truffles and treats I
wanted as the gal put them in a big box for me.  I shared
a couple with Bill on the way home just so you don't think
I am too stingy.  However, I did not want anyone else in the
house to know I had chocolate, so I hid them in my
bedroom on the bottom shelf of my bedside table.

When I got home from work today I was so looking forward
to enjoying a truffle.  AAaacck! The box was on the floor,
and the little brown papers were scattered around!?! 
R.J.! :-[
The dog ate my truffles!  !BAD DOG!
I was mad.  If I wasn't such a nice, well-mannered
person I would have used expletives and maybe even
kicked the dog.  I was mad.
I'll be he didn't even enjoy them.
And he didn't get sick either, not yet anyway.
He should at least feel bad, real bad.  But no,
he seems fine.  And I am truffleless.

P.S. A little plug for Chocolate's Plus...
it is owned by Bill's cousin's wife, Janel, and they
have some great stuff there!

Friday, January 14

Back to Bemidji

Just before we left for home. 
Dad in his spiffy new western shirt and wool vest.

The twinsters, Swede and Chink.
 The first hundred miles were interesting. 
See that drift in front of us? 
Ah, North Dakota.
There's a road under there somewhere.  We actually
felt a little queasy for awhile staring at this and watching
for drifts and other vehicles.
 By Minot it had cleared up a bit and we stopped for lunch.
If you've never been to Kroll's you ought to try it!
 German Nefla soup! Mmm, mmm.
 and love that fried bread!
 Billy Bob.
 A 8-hour drive always brings out the best in everyone.
And a quick stop at Cabela's before getting home.

Home sweet Home.

Saturday, January 8

Over break.

During the Christmas break I was able to take a few days
off of work and LOVED having a few days at home.
We spent some time with Bill's family just hanging out.
Leanne had some friends over and celebrated her birthday again.

 Snow angels in the snow after a sauna!  It is hard to get a good
photo as they are moving very fast!
 Ethan relaxing in the snow.  :)  Word is he spent more time out
in the snow than in the sauna and was dubbed Sauna King.
 Brian and Team Epic spent four days participating in the State
Junior Championship Bonspiel.  His team did REALLY well but
two other Bemidji teams took 1st and 2nd place and will be going
to Alaska for the National Championship the end of this month. 
Maybe next year??
 Bill spent a LOT of time getting our yard cleared so we could get
in and out.  The snow just kept coming and coming.  It kept
his sister, Julie, and family from coming.
 New Years Eve at B & H's.
 Holding sweet little Braeden.
 One of our favorite games... Settlers of Catan...
I won this time!!
 Bill's pretty excited about New Years.  He actually feel asleep
while waiting for the ball to drop.
 Uncle Steve.
 Opening some presents!
 Another game of Catan!
Wild Bill grillin.
It was a good time of food and family and friends,
and farts and giggles and blizzards.