Friday, January 14

Back to Bemidji

Just before we left for home. 
Dad in his spiffy new western shirt and wool vest.

The twinsters, Swede and Chink.
 The first hundred miles were interesting. 
See that drift in front of us? 
Ah, North Dakota.
There's a road under there somewhere.  We actually
felt a little queasy for awhile staring at this and watching
for drifts and other vehicles.
 By Minot it had cleared up a bit and we stopped for lunch.
If you've never been to Kroll's you ought to try it!
 German Nefla soup! Mmm, mmm.
 and love that fried bread!
 Billy Bob.
 A 8-hour drive always brings out the best in everyone.
And a quick stop at Cabela's before getting home.

Home sweet Home.


Rachelle said...

I have a feeling I would really like your Dad. He seems like quite a character. You and your twin sis are adorable and yep, your nicknames fit. :o)

Traveler's Hotel said...

Swede and Chink??? HaaaaaHaaaaHaaaa - that is SOOO funny!! I've never heard that before!!! Oh my, just got my belly laugh for the day!!

Laurie said...

Well, I don't actually remember being called that but apparently that is what Grandpa Phil called us. It must have been Connie that told me that. Well, I am glad you got in your belly laugh for the day!