Tuesday, February 15

~~from me to you~~

A belated wish..............

And from all the Oakeses...........
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Thursday, February 10

To Packer Land and back.....

It was risky, but we ventured into Wisconsin during Super Bowl
weekend.  We survived.  Actually, we had a great time.  We went
to Leanne's Show Choir competition and bummer but I didn't get
any photos because they don't let you use flash photography during
the competitions.  Each group's show is only about 20 minutes long
but they pack an amazing amount of music and talent and energy into
that 20 minutes.  Incredible!
 Friday night we hung out with our friends, the Mills, who are now
Wisconsinites and enjoyed catching up with them.  I miss them.
Brian stayed the weekend with Lane doing guy stuff like airsoft
gun wars and video games and who knows what else.
 Bill and I stayed with brother Dave and sis-in-law Chris, who were
great hosts, and it was really nice to catch up with them too. 
Bill and Dave discovered a common interest and completely
exhausted the topic or maybe just scratched the surface,
I'm not sure. !?
 We enjoyed a cozy fire in the fireplace and a glass of their home-
made Elderberry wine.  It was very good.
 I was very happy when on the way out of Eau Claire we made a wrong
turn and had to drive several miles on a county road.  Barns every few
feet, I loved it!!  Wisconsin is beautiful.
And all those Packer Backers, I guess they're not so bad either.
I'm trying to be happy for them.