Saturday, January 29

~here's to Isabelle~

Isabelle, the cat.  Friendliest cat ever.  She is a Maine Coon
and Leanne bought her with most of her own money from the
Humane Society after we found her former cat, Sissy, all stiff
under a pile of wood one day. 
Leanne taking a nap on the patio with Isabelle.
Isabelle lived at our house for quite a few years but disappeared this
last fall and we haven't seen her since. :(
 I think Isabelle grew up a house cat but she had to stay outside
at our house.  Every chance she had she would try to come in,
it only took her a minute to get comfy in this chair before I had
to throw her out again.
I think R.J. misses her the most.  They were BFF.
They shared. 
 They fought played.

The posed.
Now look left.
Now look apart.
Now look at me.
A few years ago we had a renter in our apartment who also really
liked Isabelle.  So much so that he offered a couple hundred dollars
for her.  He would have taken her with him back to Pennsylvania.
Leanne carefully considered the offer but decided no, she wanted
to keep her cat.  I was proud of her.
She might be regretting that decision now.

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Rachelle said...

Oh, the pics of RJ & Isabelle... wayyy too cute. Sigh...