Tuesday, January 18

Truffle Tragedy

Do you want to hear a sad story? 

I have had a $20 gift certificate for Chocolate's Plus
burning a hole in my purse for a few weeks.  I finally
got there yesterday and spent several minutes drooling on
the glass case and picking out which truffles and treats I
wanted as the gal put them in a big box for me.  I shared
a couple with Bill on the way home just so you don't think
I am too stingy.  However, I did not want anyone else in the
house to know I had chocolate, so I hid them in my
bedroom on the bottom shelf of my bedside table.

When I got home from work today I was so looking forward
to enjoying a truffle.  AAaacck! The box was on the floor,
and the little brown papers were scattered around!?! 
R.J.! :-[
The dog ate my truffles!  !BAD DOG!
I was mad.  If I wasn't such a nice, well-mannered
person I would have used expletives and maybe even
kicked the dog.  I was mad.
I'll be he didn't even enjoy them.
And he didn't get sick either, not yet anyway.
He should at least feel bad, real bad.  But no,
he seems fine.  And I am truffleless.

P.S. A little plug for Chocolate's Plus...
it is owned by Bill's cousin's wife, Janel, and they
have some great stuff there!


Connie said...

Bad dog, indeed. You don't mess with a girl and her chocolate!

Rachelle said...

Dang! I'm amazed RJ wasn't sicker than a dog. :o) Chocolates and dogs don't mix. Girls & chocolates are a perfect combo.