Sunday, January 2

Restoring the Traveler's Hotel

One of the other things we did while back home for Christmas was
check out the progress of my sister, Karen, and David's project in
Noonan.  They have purchased the old Traveler's Hotel and the
adjacent old bank building and are in the process of restoring the
hotel and restaurant.  Here is what the building looked like when it
first opened in 1910 on main street in Noonan. 
It was quite the place!
It was a hotel and restaurant from the time it opened until the 1970's
when it was converted to a bar.  It closed for business in 2002
and Karen purchased the buildings in 2009.  She applied for inclusion 
in the National Register of Historic Places and the hotel was placed on
the register in July 2010.  They have the early registry books for the
hotel and some of the names in the books inlcude Cromwell Dixon,
Annie Oakley (although this has not been verified), James J. Hill- the
railroad "Empire Builder," and it is rumored Al Capone may have
stayed there. This is what it looks like today. 
Well, not today today but last summer.

 Here's Karen in the upstairs where there were 14 guest rooms. 
They have kept all the wide, dark trim around the doors and windows
and will reuse that.  The next step is replacing the windows, which will
arrive shortly, and then they can start to heat the place.
Linda and I on the old, ornate staircase, which is as solid as ever.
Entrance to the bank building connected to the hotel. 
It also housed the Post Office for a time.
 The original tin ceiling that has been covered up by a suspended
ceiling for many years.  There are some spots that will need repair but
for the most part it is in good shape.
 Diane checking out the rooms for rent.
This is a massive project and I admire David and Karen for taking it on,
I know they have a ton of support and it will be beautiful when it is
done!  We have been encouraging Karen to start a blog and she has!! 
You can check it out at
or click on the link under blogs I follow.  It is very interesting!


Connie said...

What a project! Love that tin ceiling.

Chelle said...

Really lovely to get to see this...the bones of this old hotel are so amazing! Excited for them and about Auntie Karen's new blog.

Rachelle said...

How exciting! You have a really neat family, Laurie. We should all go stay there when it's done!