Thursday, July 7

The Little Birdie Who Was Rescued

One must be careful when pruning shrubs.  Once upon a time, I got a little wild trimming the arborvitae shrub next to my flower garden and apparently knocked a little baby Chipping Sparrow out of its nest.  I didn't see it fall but began looking around after the momma starting chirping very (for such a little bird!) loudly at me and trying desperately to distract me the in other direction.  I found him and put him back in the nest.

Then I checked on him after a couple days and he seemed fine. Yay!
And momma's happy too,
but I don't think she trusts me with the pruning shears anymore.
 Meanwhile, this bee was busy slurping juice from a lupine.
 The End.

Actually, I checked again in a few days and Poof! the little birdie was gone, the nest was empty.  Off on his own great adventures I presume. Yay!
The End.

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