Saturday, July 30

Little Hotel on the Prairie

While back home we had to check out the progress of my sister and brother-in-law's project of restoring the old Traveller's Hotel in Noonan.  They have made some progress since the last time we saw it in December, including replacing most of the windows.  Here's just a few shots:

These rounded windows on the side of the building will be next to replace.

The tin ceilings will be awesome once they are repaired and painted.

This chair was originally in the lobby of the hotel and was recently donated back to them.

One of the guest rooms, the doors and trim will all be the original.

My Dad coming up the cool old staircase from the lobby up to the guest rooms.

The ceiling and trim in the lobby are black.

When taking up the old floors they discovered this layer of insulation- buffalo hair between sheets of paper!!

One the front of the building the bricks are a little soft and many people have carved their names in them over the years.  I don't remember doing it but I found my name plain as day! 

In two spots even, there's only one LKZ so it had to be me, and right underneath was my boyfriend's name.(!)

Restoring this place is still a massive project but they are making great progress and I admire them for taking it on.  We decided the next time we are together for a reunion (hopefully next summer) we will meet again back home and it will be a work weekend! 

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