Thursday, July 7

Another One Flew the Cuckoo's Nest

Brian graduated! Craziness.
It was just yesterday he was a sweet little pudgy guy only interested in bugs and legos and super heros.  He's still mostly sweet but certainly not little or pudgy and now is focused on things like college and music and work and friends.

Brian's Grandpa Roland on the left- I was thrilled he was able to come that weekend.

And Gp's on the other side, Kathy and Rich.

We had a great party with tons of friends and I tried to get a picture of everyone that came but I won't post all of them, just the important ones :).

So he graduated, we partied, and now he's off on his own great adventures.  Ya know, this sort of reminds me of that little birdie in the last post.  We spend the first little while just feeding and protecting them and then the next little while teaching them how to fly and survive on their own.  Then, poof!, they're gone--they take off and leave us with an empty nest! Meanwhile, I am left with a mixture of excitement and sadness.

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