Saturday, August 28

Rock Ridge and beyond!

We were able to squeeze in one last camping trip for the summer
 with the whole family last weekend with some very good friends.  

Loaded up and heading out...

No trip ever goes as planned, at least not for us,
we had to stop an hour down the road to have a nail taken out of a tire.
But it didn't take long and we were back on the road. 
Had to stop at DQ of course.
Our destination was Rock Ridge Camp, near Ely, MN,
just on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
The camp is pretty rustic and built into the side of a huge hill,
very rocky and lots of steps to get down to the
cabins and waterfront area. 
We beefed up our leg muscles let me tell ya.
The guys in front of their pad.
The building on the left is a sauna with ramp into the lake. Sweet!
The first morning we had a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon. 
We were able to use the camp's kitchen but brought our own food. 
After breakfast, we sent the six boys out on their canoe trip
for three days and two nights,
 a 17-mile loop with lots of portaging.

Here's the dudes ready to head out....
Da boys.
We sang and waved as they departed...
nah, nah, nah, nah.......nah, nah, nah, nah......hey, hey, hey.... goodbye........
Would they be okay?  Would they find their way back by Sunday afternoon? 
Would they get attacked by bears or mountain lions or wolves? 
Or get giardia from drinking the lake water?
Would we ever see them again? :-/

I only fretted a couple minutes and then was fine.  They'd be fine. 
We decided to party on without them!

We went to town and did some shopping.
Relaxed on the deck with coffee, chocolate and a book....

We were able to use all their waterfront stuff.

Hung out in the game room....
Had a campfire with smores....
Ate a lot of food....
We went out on a day trip on Saturday.

Filled up our water bottles with cool, clean water
at a natural spring not too far from camp.

Hiked a good jaunt to a place where there was a waterfall.
It was quite refreshing!

The girls did some serious rock jumping.  Like for an hour straight.
On the way back we stopped at a rope swing near the camp....
Splash.  Great fun.

After we got back we had an awesome steak dinner.
And a sauna.

It was a good day.

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