Sunday, August 29

Rock Ridge Part 2

Sunday morning was misty over the lake...
We made one more trip to Ely for a paddle and some pop
for the boys, who we hoped would be returning that day.
And then we waited....sorta.

Leanne doing some acrobatics.
Working on one last sunburn.
About noon we saw them coming in the distance. 
Their plan was to be back by 3 so they surprised us.
Da boys are back!!!
I admit a feeling a relief to see them paddling in.
And they all looked good and happy. 
The worst thing that happened was the syrup spilled in the pack.
They quickly unloaded the canoes and jumped in the lake....
Landon going in the lake after a sauna....
Joey king of the dock!
Carrying the canoes back up the hill.
Lunch before heading home.

After we got back to our house and sorted out all the stuff,
the E's went to leave and R.J. jumped in their van. 
He had such a great time with Jack, he didn't want it to end.  BFF
But vacations always have to come to an end,
just the memories we keep.

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