Thursday, August 12

Cooling Off

It got a little warm this last week. 
The basement became a popular place to be.
One night we had an offer we couldn't refuse,
and headed to a lake place owned by some friends of friends
to cool off a bit.

The highlight was the jet ski.  Brian's getting some instructions.
And then he took off. 
And I cried out loud, "Slow down fer crying out loud!"  
Then it was Leanne's turn, but not by herself yet.

Here's Leanne saying "Can we get one of these, please, please?"
We also enjoyed the kayak.

Ladder golf or whatever that game is called.

Tire swing.  My what white legs you have.
A great meal and visiting.
A beautiful sunset.

Some friendly King of the Hill on the floating dock.

Thanks friends for the cool invite!


Connie said...

Wow, Laurie..for a North Dakota girl, you are becoming quite the water baby!
Love the sunset shots!

Rachelle said...

This looks like SO much fun (except for the whole jet ski thing~ I'm scared of those)!!