Wednesday, August 4

Yellowstone and Beartooth Pass

After our great rafting adventure we decided to drive through Yellowstone since it was so close and Landon wasn't with us two years ago when we were there so he really wanted to.  We just did the short upper loop and out the east entrance but we saw a few cool things.

Checking out the Upper and Lower Falls. 
I couldn't get close enough to the edge to get good photos,
the fear of heights thing torments me.
There is a big brown bear in the middle of this photo, really there is.
Saw lots of buffalo of course.
Some pretty close.
Real close.
Beautiful scenery.
Took the Beartooth Highway, an amazing drive up and down the mountain pass.  You definitely should put this on your list of places to see!
Here's the three amigos sitting on the top of the mountain,
it was chilly and quite a bit of snow here and there.
Not too bad of Bill but I look like I am about to cry or pee my pants. 
I was cold and there were a gazillion mosquitos
biting my legs (who knew they lived at 10,000+ ft?!?!)
A short distance later on the way down
we came upon a herd of mountain goats.
We were able to get really close to them. 
The little ones were so cute,
they were butting heads and jumping all over.
Leanne dancing and singing "The Hills are Alive"
The sun setting on a great day in Montana.
Stayed in Red Lodge at the Chateau Rouge. 
Not as fancy as the name sounds but comfy.

We enjoyed the hot tub and pool to ourselves after a long day.

Next day we hit the road again, stopped in Medora for ice cream,
it was 103 degrees.
Stayed with Bill's aunt and uncle and cousin in Bismarck.
We stopped in Moorhead for a another visit with Bill's family and then headed for home in a major thunderstorm. 
It was a great vacation but there's nothing like home.
And our dog missed us.

Miles put on the van- 2,000
Rafting the waves of white- $44.00 each
Spending seven really pleasant days with the family-- priceless!!!!!


Connie said...

Love those goats! So glad your whole family was able to enjoy a great vacation together.

Rachelle said...

Sounds like a very wonderful trip (except the 103 degrees part). Thanks for sharing. Lovely photos as always!