Monday, August 9

One hot ride!

The day after paddling a few of us biked with the youth group on the awesome newly paved trail that goes from Bemidji to at least Walker and I don't even know how far it goes but a long ways.  We can get on about 3 miles from our house so the boys bike to town quite often, about 8 miles each way.  I've only biked to town once so far but we use the trail a lot, Bill and Leanne run and I bike or roller blade.

We did about 22 miles with the temp in the low 90's.  Smart, huh? 
We drank a LOT of water.
Here's the group before we took off:
I had a good time visiting with Fiona along the way.

To our good fortune we stopped midway and Stacy brought us ice cream!!
We were really glad to see her.
Really glad.
We dug in!!
Dan can't believe he's going to eat the whole thing!
It's hitting the spot!

Oh yeah!
Playing tag on the jungle gym.
One last photo before getting on our bikes for the last leg of the trip.
 A Good Time was had by all,
except for the gallons of sweat we poured from our bodies
and the blisters some got on the jungle gym!?


Rachelle said...

And now you've made me hungry for an ice cream sundae. Love that last picture on the jungle gym.

Connie said...

I am glad to see you are packing lots of fun things into your goes by much too quickly!