Saturday, December 11

I'm Ba-ack!

Well kinda, sorta, maybe, we'll see.

It's before 8 am on Saturday....... Brian just left to go and take his ACT test and I am eating the truffles from the favor bag that I brought home from the Ladies Christmas Tea last night.  :)  I can eat truffles for breakfast if I want to, so there.  The house is quiet and the computer was available for once.  All three kids have had English Composition courses this semester so that makes for lots of computer time, especially since Landon's laptop was stolen a few weeks ago but I won't bring that up because it makes me grumpy. :(

Well, I have been a "lame" blogger, using one of Leanne's favorite words, since I haven't been on here since October.  Actually, I did write a post on Thanksgiving Day but didn't publish it yet.  For some reason the blogger photo uploader will not let me upload some photos, and rotates the ones that are portrait, it is soooooo frustrating, but let's not talk about that because it makes me grumpy.  But what fun is a scrapbook without photos???

The last six weeks or so have been a little stressful for me because of being short-handed in the billing department where I work after my co-worker left her position.  I have had to put in extra hours and be in the office every day instead of working from home.  The work load and pressure have brought me to tears a few times and caused some sleepless nights.  I have no idea how full-time working moms do this long term- and what is frustrating is that there is no energy left for what is most important, my husband, my kids, and friends, (and blogging?) not to mention getting a dinner meal made occasionally and keeping the dirty laundry from overtaking the whole house.  Makes a person grumpy.  And when mom ain't happy.....

I'm told that a decision will be made this next week and someone hired- then hopefully after a few weeks of training I can get back to my old schedule. Yay!

So anyway, I better get working on those mountains of laundry, pay some bills, decorate the tree, make a grocery list etcetera.

I like this photo that I took last summer of the huge, nasty thistle bush that looks daunting but quite beautiful against the soft, mellow background of the tall grass and pretty sky.  The one helps me to appreciate the other more, and so in life as well. 


Connie said...

Yay! You're back...sorry your life has been stressful lately. Very nice photo!
Don't eat too many truffle for breakfast, because I want you to live a long, happy, non-grumpy life.

Rachelle said...

I'm grumpy too. Thanks for the post.