Wednesday, December 29

More Christmas on the Farm

It was great to be home for Christmas! 
We went to the Christmas Eve Candlelight service in Noonan
and out to eat at the new Mexican restaurant there called Uno Mas. 
We were the only ones there but that was okay with us. 
 And we were okay with not having to cook and wash dishes
that night because that meant we could get to the present opening quicker!!

  Dale's vintage lamp that doubles as a Christmas tree!
 Landon opening up his favorite gift.
 Leanne opening up an accessory to her favorite gift.
 Brian opening up his favorite gift.
Bill got a huge remote-  Brian thought if it was this big he wouldn't
lose it so easily and we won't spend as much time searching
the house for it.  We'll see if it works.  ;)
Grandpa Roland trying out his new face mask.
Linda and her jewelry from Darla.
 Dale and some of his stuff.
 R.J. in his sweater.
 My Dad loves black licorice and got a kick
out of this gift from my sister.
It has a kick let me tell you.
 Sister Karen and two of her boys.
 Sister Diane and Sam.
Brian trying out one of my brother Dale's guitars from his
collection. Not sure but he probably has twenty or more guitars!
 Yikes!  It's the jolly green giant abominable snowman!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
I didn't have any outdoor stuff with me so my Dad brought up
this classic Arctic Cat snowmobile suit from the basement
for me to wear.  Groovy.


Connie said...

Fun to see that you all had a good time....I can't believe there is a Mexican restaurant in Noonan.
You are so stylin' in that Arctic Cat suit!

Rachelle said...

Three items to discuss. 1.Very envious of the huge remote. Great gift!

2.I want to try the Black Licorice stuff. Never heard of it. My b-day is in Sept., by the way.

3. You rock the green Arctic Cat snowsuit. No one but YOU could pull that off. :o)