Friday, December 17

One Sweet Night

Winter Formal 2010 at the New City Ballroom in Bemidji. 
There were 74 students attending.
Our theme was.....
This is what I am talking about with the blogger photo uploader rotating all my photos that I take portrait. 
Soooo irritating!*!   If you have a simple fix for this let me know. 
I have tried several things.
So you'll just have to kink your neck a little for these!

We had a delicious pasta buffet dinner.
Leanne wasn't too thrilled that her Mom and Dad were there all night but she was a good sport about it and humored her Dad by dancing with him a couple times. 
Bill has some moves let me tell you!
I was very unhappy with the few photos I took and want to blame the camera and dark conditions. 
Or it could be I need to learn how to use the camera to get better shots.  Hmmm...

Some of the guys..........

The limbo.....!
Leanne's pretty good at it but another gal beat her this time.
It was a fun evening of beautiful dresses, fine dining, loud music, and lots of dancing.