Saturday, October 23

Some stuff.

Well, I got out my turtlenecks.  It's time. 
The neighbors harvested the corn field. 
Now I feel rather exposed on the south side and it sends a shiver.
But it is still warmer than usual and I am not complaining.
 Cut down some dead trees for wood for the sauna
and Landon had a big bonfire with some friends.

My favorite shrubs are the barberry bushes with their
 variegated colors and bright red berries in the fall. So cool!
But why is it that some of  the most beautiful
things in life also have the biggest thorns?
Note to self: next time do not plant barberry bushes under the windows.

Some sweet roses for no apparent reason :)
Note to self: never need a reason, just say thank you.
Probably the last bike ride to town. 
I tagged along with Brian and friend Sarah and we biked
to the Dairy Queen and back.  Or most of the way back. 
We had Brian ride ahead to get the van because
 it was getting dark on us.
Note to self: leave earlier than 5 pm when biking to town and back.

 Cheering on Leanne at her last XC meet of the season!
 It's been a long but good week. 
Except for the skunks. 
And the keys being locked in the van.  R.J. locked us out!
Note to self: next time take the keys out when you leave the dog in the van.


Rachelle said...

I think it's cute you got out your turtlenecks already. How about your long johns? :o) Lovely pictures, as always, and no, do not ever question getting roses. Beautiful!

Guntzel Girls said...

Hey Laurie! Thought I'd check out your blog, since you were kind enought to comment on ours :-). Love all the pictures! I'll have to stop by again soon. God bless!

Guntzel Girls said...

Ooops! Just realized I accidentally added a 't' to 'enough' in that last comment. Maybe someday I'll learn to proofread before I post :-P. Have a great Sunday!

Connie said...

Sis, it's been a long time since you took out your turtlenecks. :-) I hope all is well?