Wednesday, October 6

Moving Miss Amy

Last weekend a large number of Oakeses, including in-laws and out-laws and most of the grands and greats gathered at the farm for some heavy lifting and some reminiscing. We moved Bill's Grandmother, Amy, from her farmhouse where she has lived for 69 years (!) into a cozy little apartment down the road a ways.
Above is a photo of the Oakes farm taken in 1984
when the farming was still going strong.  Percy and Amy's house
is in the middle and the house in the upper left is where Bill grew up,
just a hop, skip and a jump away from Grandma's amazing
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,
which Bill claims no one will ever be able to duplicate.
There's a dike between the two houses now,
so it's over the dike and through the woods
to Grandmother's house we go.

Here's Amy sitting in her kitchen amidst the chaos of moving stuff out.
She was a good sport and cheerful as always.

Some of the group taking a break for lunch.
We are standing next to the Oak Tree
planted in memory of Percy after he passed away in 1989.
Getting ready to unload at the new apartment.
The guys hauled the stuff, the ladies put it away.
Trying out the new arrangement.
Here's Amy coming to see her new place all ready for her-
she seemed very pleased! Did I mention she is 92 years old?
Even though the weekend was about Amy,
there was another someone who got lots of attention.
Meet the youngest twig of the Oakes tree, Braedon Richard.
He's only 3 1/2 weeks old. He's about the sweetest thing ever.
So there are lots of changes happening within the Oakes clan!

Sometimes those changes are hard but we adjust and grow and hopefully learn to find balance in appreciating the memories of yesterday, making the most of today, and looking forward with hope and anticipation to tomorrow. 

We were able to bring a few things home with us from the farm including a couple more pieces of furniture
to an antique bedroom set that belonged to Bill's great Aunt,
a cute hat that Amy used to wear,
two tea cups and saucers,
and we also brought home with us..........
Bill's Great Grandparents.......... 
and more Great Grandparents........
and the Great-Great Grandparents too! 
I have no idea where they will all stay!

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Rachelle said...

What a lucky and very loved lady to have such a wonderful family as you! Not everyone is this fortunate. My hat is off to you! (not that I wear hats).