Thursday, September 30

Soaking up the sun and drinking in the color!

Fall in Minnesota~
has to be one of the big reasons people choose to live in this state.  
It's been absolutely beautiful the last couple of days. 

I even mustered up gumption (sp?) to wash a few windows yesterday.
It's always a good feeling to have that done.
Well, four of them are done anyway.
Crispy critter who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
R.J. and Isabelle wrestling, they do this all the time. 
She'll finally get irritated and swat him. 
Then she will get up and nuzzle against him!? 
I broke up this fight and said let's go for a walk. 
It was even nice enough for shorts today
but the mosquitos were brutal- DIE ALREADY for pete's sake. 

 The colors are just vibrant right now and gorgeous!

 The neighbors corn is 12 feet tall and ready to harvest.

The only lonely flower still blooming at my house,
but she's sure perty.
So ends our walk.  Happy Fall!


Connie said...

Beautiful fall pictures...except for that dead thing. Maybe that should have gone in your last post? ha
Our colors are not changing yet, because it is so unseasonably warm. An extra month of summer!

Rachelle said...

Oh my... your red leaf pictures floor me and I love the 'bright green' leaves one. Also, the cat stalking through the corn stalks. Love it all! Great photography!