Sunday, September 19

Eat, Drink and be Married!

We took a road trip yesterday to a wedding.  It was at the Wilderness Golf Course on Lake Vermillion next to the Fortune Bay Casino.  We had the pleasure of traveling with Bryce and Heather.  It was a double date!  About half way there Heather and I decided we needed some dark chocolate so the guys had Harmin the Garmin take us to the nearest chocolate shop, otherwise we would have gotten cranky.  On the counter they had this sign about the health benefits of dark chocolate and the cashier offered to make a copy of it for us.  We each had these huge bear claws with carmel and pecans, it was heavenly........     

The golf course and clubhouse were absolutely beautiful.  I wish I would have gotten a photo of the golf course before it got dark.

The groom, Mike, is Bill's best friend from college, he was the best man at our wedding.  We are very happy for him to have found this great woman, Gretchen.
The ceremony was short and sweet, like 20 minutes maybe, and then we had a wonderful prime rib dinner.  For dessert they had German Chocolate Cake and Norwegian Danish because Mike is German and Gretchen is Norwegian.  Here's some other old friends that we got to catch up with. 

Heather and Bryce enjoying some time away from their kids.......  
Us old fogies, we didn't really care what our kids were doing, we were only gone 12 hours, how much trouble could they get into?

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