Saturday, July 31

Nevada City

On the third day of the Zimmerman Reunion we traveled a few more miles down the road to Virginia City, one of the best preserved gold mining towns.  Next to that is Nevada City, a town of historic buildings, some original, some moved there from across Montana.  It was a step into the past.

Most of the buildings we could go in but some we had to just look through the windows.
Dave and Karen and great-neice Ramona.
This guy was trying to sell us a chamber pot at the General Store.
Connie in her element- the fabric shop!
Learning about tanning hides.
Chris at the barber shop that says C Hoffman on the window,
kinda kool since her maiden name is Hoffman!
The Fire Station.
This lady showing us how to weave,
at one house a lady served us stew she was cooking on her wood stove
and another lady let us taste Elk meat she was cooking.

Kayla in the school house.
The teacher's desk.
Leane relaxing on the porch.
This was my favorite!
It was beautifully decorated inside.
The Saloon. 
I guess this has been used a few times in filming some western movies.
The saloon proprieter teaching my boys the finer points of gambling.
Steve at the Post Office.  He's a postmaster in Idaho.
A Norwegian double-decker outhouse- how cool is that?
 Had a great lunch at the Star Bakery and Restaurant.
 Diane, Sam, Karen and Dave.
 Jordan, Kayla, Greg, and Linda.
 Here's what I had- a grilled chicken salad and a strawberry smoothie- YUM!
It was an interesting, fun time,
and then we headed back to the camp for some relaxing
and swimming to cool off.

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