Monday, July 19

Eighty-eight and doin' great!

He was born Roland Philip Zimmerman
on July 19, 1922.
With his Mom and Dad and sister outside the porch of the farmhouse.
Graduated from Noonan High School in 1941.  Handsome feller.
Married our Mom in 1952.

This was in 1968.  He had taken over the family cattle/grain farm
and they had popped out eight kids.
I love this photo taken in 1979.
I guess Mom thought it was pretty funny too to see him in his underwear and boots and got out the camera. 
He's got his pipe in his mouth and balancing the ash tray with his knee.  In the corner behind him was our extra refrigerator- one wasn't enough with that many mouths to feed.  The handle was broken so we had to prop the door shut with a box wedged between it and the book stand there.  The box says Mason Shoes on it.  That was where we ordered our shoes from- every fall before school we got to look through the catalog and pick out new shoes.  On top of that shelf are some Conklin Products- Dad was a distributor for Conklin.  Above the refrigerator is a photo of the farm and a display frame with all of Dad's medals earned in Rifle Association.  Above the desk is that cool old black telephone with the rotary dial and party line.  Above the phone is a poster that says "Insanity is hereditary: you get it from your children."  On top of the desk is the Citizens Band Radio of course.  Remember those?  10-4!  Like a party line walkie-talkie from home base to the vehicles!  I'm trying to remember Dad's handle.  I think Dale's was Zimco Kid.  Besides farming, Dad had a semi truck (Zimco Trucking) and hauled grain and lumber and shingles, etc. that he sold from the farm.  He later had a crane put on the semi and did jobs for hire with that.  I can't seem to find any photos of that. 
The farm in 1983. 

A better part of his days have been spent on the seat of a tractor!

A statement about farming that Linda found
and made copies for the rest of us....
you can enlarge by clicking on it to read it better.

About 10 years ago in Montana at a family reunion......
we're heading back that way tomorrow
for another Zimmerman reunion
(our second without Mom, :( sniff) and will celebrate Dad's birthday there!  Yee Haw!

Happy Birthday, Dad, I love you!  See you soon!


Connie said...

This post made me cry. You had better hope Dad doesn't find out you posted that photo of him in his underwear or you will be in big trouble. I promise I won't tell. :-)
He is a wonderful man and I love him....but I admire him, as well.

Rachelle said...

What a lovely tribute! Great photos.

Karen said...

Enjoyed this! Can I show it to Dad?