Thursday, July 29

The lame vacation that turned out to be not so lame after all.

Westward Ho!
R.J. is ready to go! 
Little does he know he's only going a few miles down the road to stay. 
Poor doggie, he would have LOVED it. 
Thank you B, H, E and G.G. for taking good care of him for us!

It was just a few hours down the road and I had to nip it in the bud.
I said, "Listen, not to burst your bubble or anything but this vacation is not about you.
I have been looking forward to this for two years and I am planning on having a great time.
So I don't want to hear one more word of complaining. You got me??"
I think they got me.  :-)

First stop, Moorhead, to have lunch at M, J, E and D's, Bill's sister and family. 
Thanks for the yummy tacos Julie!

Next stop, Bismarck, to say hi to Bill's aunt and uncle,
cousin and kids, and his folks who just happened to be visting them at the same time!

Third stop, Glendive, MT, for the night at a Super 8 and let me tell you it was a dive!

Fourth stop, Pompey's Pillar, near Billings,
named after Sacajawea's son whose nickname was Pompy,
where you can see William Clark's signature carved into a big rock.
Right above my head is Clark's signature which has been encased behind bullet-proof glass.
We look like a happy family don't we?  Of course, this is only day two.
Here's a close up, this is a replica in the visitor's center.
A view from the pillar.
On to Three Forks, just west of Bozeman,
to a campground and our home for three days.  Cozy.
And then the best part~ seeing all the Zimmerman's!  Woot woot! 
And there's lots of them. 
Dad on the left and then in order of age-
I'm ahead of Linda becuz I am 11 minutes older don'tcha know!
We miss Mom, though :(
How many Norwegians does it take to unhook a trailer?
Here's the whole group...
well, minus the dozen or more nieces and nephews that couldn't be there.
Be serious now.
It was a great time of re-connecting, eating, laughing,
reminiscing, eating some more, swimming, and some very fun activities.
The campground had a swimming pool to cool off in-
(and ice cream in the lodge)
Here's Bill doing the cannon ball---nice form, honey.
We celebrated Dad's birthday. 
Leanne decorated the shirt for him that says Lookin' great at 88!
Party On Dude!!
To be continued.....

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Rachelle said...

Sounds like loads of fun! Can't wait for more...