Tuesday, July 13

"Can I please, please?"

Earlier this week it was "Can we get one, please, please??" 
Referring to the adorable schnoodle puppies for sale on a corner in town.

They were definitely cuteness to the max. 
But NO we can't get one!

Then later at Target it was "Can you buy it for me please, please?"
It was a cute shirt, but NO I won't buy it.

Today Leanne took the test for her driver's permit.
I was secretly praying she wouldn't pass.  jk
She passed. 
Then she asked "Can I drive please, please?"
I could feel the hairs on my head turning gray even as she asked the question.
I let her drive home from in town. 
She looks serious in this photo but she giggled and jabbered the whole time.
I just hung on.  And prayed for any and all available angels. 

She did okay, actually,
but I think having a new puppy in the house would be less stressful!

BTW, I got a new camera.  Yey!!!! 
Bill and I were in Target a few days ago and you know what I asked him-
"Can I get it please, please?"  :)

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Connie said...

Ah, Laurie....I remember well those days of Michelle learning to drive. She went on to be a much better driver than I, fearlessly adapting to Seattle area traffic, which is CRAZY!
Glad you got a new camera....just in time for the reunion. :-)