Thursday, February 25

King of the Keyboard

Meet Brian.  Brian rocks.  Brian rolls.  Brian creates musical materpieces on the piano and his prized keyboard called the Roland Fantom (named after his Grandpa Roland, JK).  Brian has many talents but are mystified as to where all this creative musical genious comes from.  Nonetheless we are very impressed.  He does take piano lessons and has for a few years now.
The Fantom X8 is not just any old synthesizer, it has 128-voice polyphony, 88-note multisampled piano waveforms, 128 MB of internal waveform memory, large color LCD display, full-fledged sampler with Auto Synch function, skip back sampling, interfacing connectors including USB, USB-MIDI support, analog and digital input and output, PC card slot, built-in 16-track sequencer, dynamic pad bank sensitive to velocity and aftertouch, mastering functionality with 78 different multi-effects, chorus and reverb, V-LINK functionalty, AND editor and librarian software.  GOT THAT??  Basically, it is a complete one-man recording studio!
Brian has nice long fingers and I do know where he got those from! 
From Grandpa Roland.

If you would like to listen to some of his original compositions (and I know you want to! :)), there is a link on the bottom right of this blog underneath the Followers section called Brian's Music.  It will take you to the special Facebook page he has for his music.  When you get there, the list of songs will be on the left-hand side and you can click on them to play.  I think you will be impressed too!

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Rachelle said...

It is a delight to listen to Brian play. He has a gift, a real talent. I hope he continues to use it forever. I'm guessing he will!