Thursday, February 4

Rich and dark and smooth........

No, I'm not talking about my husband this time, I'm describing the new comforter set I bought for my bed.  I had purchased dark chocolate sheets too but after looking at them in the package for two weeks decided to exchange them for caramel and got new toffee blankets as well.  It is nice to have something fresh. And it was ABOUT TIME that we got something new for the bed. 

This is what we have had on our bed for the last almost 20 years, I know, can you believe it? 
This wedding band quilt was given to us by Bill's parents and if I remember right it was for our 1st anniversary. It really wasn't big enough and some people would complain at least once a week about the blankets not being the right size. The real problem is that some people like to roll around a lot and some people don't like to have anything tucked in at the bottom so nothing stays in place and then some people like to blame others when their shoulder is not covered! But I won't name any names :)

I never intended to use the same quilt for 20 years; I had great plans of finishing my own quilt that I started at least three years ago- I pulled it out of the bag in the storage room to take a photo and put it back!  It has crazy quilt blocks.  I still need to add another border to it.....I am not sure when I will get to it again.  I had even painted our bedroom walls light yellow in preparation and had blue rugs and curtains!

My husband was happy I finally broke down and bought the new bedding.  "So, you know what this means don't you?," I asked him as he helped me put the new bedskirt on.  "Well", says I, "Now we have to get new rugs and curtains and lamps and we have to paint the walls a different color!"  He scowls.  He tries to argue.
But, hey, NO MORE thistley blanket wars!  Make love, not war, that's what I say.


Connie said...

Wow, gorgeous new bed coverings! I still think it would have been cool to have dark chocolate sheets, so you could eat chocolate in bed without the stains showing....but I guess now you can eat caramels. hee hee

Rachelle said...

"Make love, not war." Are you from the 60's?? Too funny. Yes, you were in great need of new bedding. You used the same quilt for 20 yrs? Okay, now you make me feel like a shopaholic. Great post, loved it! :o)