Saturday, March 6

Rise and Shine!!

A sure sign that spring is near in Minnesota!  We saw this black bear yesterday on our way home from town- he was sitting next to a culvert sunning himself.  I guess he decided winter was over and it was time to get up.  I didn't take the photo- it was in our local newspaper this morning.  Seems a bit early to me to be coming out of hibernation but I hope he is right.  We who live here know you can't put the gloves and boots and stuff away, though, until at least the end of April.  This bear may decide to go back to bed if/when we get our next blizzard!
But for now, great to see you, bear!  We are lovin' the 40's and seein' the snow melt!  WoooHooo!


Connie said...

Sis, I hate to make jealous, but it was 65 degrees and sunny here today. We took Annabelle to the park to play with her cousins. LOVELY day!!

Rachelle said...

Bring on Spring. But, please, let the bears stay in hiding. Yikes.