Sunday, May 16

Misc. Sunday Sightings

They're ba-ack!

And a few other shots from my walk today......

Here's the mosquito hatchery to the north of our house,
it does dry up by late spring.

One of the first things we did after we moved here was put up the tree swing in the old oak tree-
 and it has provided tons of fun and not a one broken bone!
Had to bring some fragrant blossoms inside to enjoy. 
That's all she wrote!


Rachelle said...

Okay Laurie, I LOVE these photos! The two oriole pics are adorable. I haven't seen one yet! Same goes for hummingbirds! Where oh where are they? At your house, that's where. ;O) I'm thinking you should leave your day job and be a photographer instead. You're good.

Rachelle said...

P.S. I love the bridge pic that you added at the top! Maybe you should think about a lighter color for the title now cause it's a little hard to read. Very cool!

Laurie said...

I would LOVE to leave my day job and just bum around taking photos. We are dreaming of a nicer camera too, the one I use is an almost 10-year-old casio. It can take some nice outside shots but inside-bleck.

Rachelle said...

Love the color of your title at the top! It matches the orioles.