Thursday, May 13


I had the privilege this last year of being a small group leader in our youth group and I just have to say they are such a great group of girls.  They impressed my socks off.   Such maturity and insight for their age (15-16) and a real desire to seek God and His will for them.  They are WAY beyond where I was at that age.  Some good parenting is being reflected.   I'm not sure what they learned from me if anything, but it was fun to get to know them and tell them some of my experiences as a teen.  We had some really good discussions on lots of important topics.  And they giggled a lot.  :-)
This is a card they made for me on the last night.  Isn't it odd that my own daughter who is the same age doesn't think I am as amazing and inspiring and full of wisdom as these girls do??
She'll realize it someday, right?  Right?

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Rachelle said...

She WILL realize it someday because you are awesome and amazing and have lots of wisdom to share. Good for you for being a leader in the youth group. I'm impressed. :o)