Thursday, December 31

Yee Haw!

Our good friends, the Norvolds, just happened to be in Arizona the same week we were there and we enjoyed hanging out with them one day.  They took us to a restaurant in Scottsdale that they had been to many years ago called  Pinnacle Peak Patio.  It is an authentic cowboy place with large wooden picnic tables covered with red and white tablecloths, sawdust shavings all over the floor, a couple rattle snakes, and live music every night.  Their brochure says they are the world's largest western steakhouse with seating for 1800 inside and 2000 outside.  Many famous people have eaten there including some presidents.  Here is another bit from their brochure: 
"Pinnacle Peak Patio is renowned for its delicious mesquite broiled steaks, casual western atmosphere, and its "NO NECKTIE POLICY." This "no necktie" tradition was started one night when a Phoenix executive came in for dinner. The original owner, wanting to keep the atmosphere in his restaurant casual, told the executive, "Either you take that tie off, or I'll cut it off." The executive did not take heed and was appalled when the owner pulled out a butcher knife and promptly cut off the offending cravat.  Wanting to be recognized as a victim of this absurd policy, the executive demanded that his tie be prominently displayed for all to see. The necktie was stapled to the rafters along with a business card identifying its victim. Pinnacle Peak is very serious about its "no necktie" policy and over the past 48 years has cut over a million ties from unsuspecting customers."

Since we knew about this tradition we went to Goodwill and bought some ugly ties for our night on the town.

And sure enough, the waitress said "no city slickers" and cut them off~ thankfully she used a scissors and not a butcher knife!

These food pictures are for Rachelle :)  Landon ordered the Cattlehand 24 oz. porterhouse- he had already eaten part of it.

I ordered the Half Chicken and that is exactly what I got!  We also had salad, beer batter fries, cowboy beans, and thick-sliced wheat bread.  I really wanted to try a cow pie for dessert but was too stuffed.

Cow butts on the stalls in the ladies restroom!

So if you are ever in Scottsdale, you should check it out- and don't forget to wear your tie!


Rachelle said...

This looks like great fun! I feel so special that you took pics of your food with me in mind. :o) Rattlesnakes? Really? Shiver...

Chris said...

Neat pictures. Sounds like a great place. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

Connie said...

Neat place! The photo of Landon's steak makes me hungry. :-)