Monday, December 7


Leanne and I couldn't believe our eyes when we came up the road to our house today around 5:00 pm.  Directly in front of our house (a quarter mile from the accident four days ago), were several patrol cars, a firetruck, an ambulance.  My jaw dropped and my heart sank.  The knot in my stomach formed again.  I may have said a swear word.

The outcome of this accident, however, was not tragic, THANK GOD!  We learned a little later it was one of our neighbors- she had lost control, went into the ditch, and hit the trees with the passenger side.  We heard she was okay!  I hope so. 
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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Rachelle said...

Ohhh, my poor Laurie dear. Gosh, way too much action around your house lately. Ick. Have to say... had to smile that you may have said a swear word. Keepin' it real, my sistah. :o) Not that I endorse swear words, because I totally do not. In fact, in the past you would have to pay 25 cents for saying "shut up" around this house. 'Tis true.