Tuesday, December 29

Brother scores with Christmas gift!

My brother, David, had my name for Christmas this year and I have to show you what his gift to me was ~

It's a denim apron that has "petals and thistles" along with a barn and windmill painted on it ~
is that cool or what?

AND Ethel gardening gloves, a pruner, tea and chocolate!  At first I wondered how he knew I would like all these things- duh, he reads my blog! and I'm guessing he had a little help from his wife, Chris, who is a fellow blogger (Ruby in The Garden and Ruby in the Kithen).  So, thanks, Dave and Chris!


Rachelle said...

Oh my word! How lucky are you?! Cannot believe the apron with your blog name on it. I'm very envious. Too cool! Nice brother! :o)

Garden Lily said...

That apron is soooo cool, and professionally done. What a treasure - both the apron and your brother!

Connie said...

Way cool apron....and you are going to love those Ethel gloves.

Chris said...

Sounds like you have a great brother :)