Sunday, April 3

It's a jungle out there!

WOW!  It's been over a month since I looked at this blog.  I feel a lot has gone on in my world since.  I got our Christmas tree taken down and put away, for real.  It appears spring might be coming, not here yet, but coming!  Glory Hallelujah!!  My kids are growing up for pete's sake and making big people choices and it doesn't seem to matter if I am ready for it or not or even a part of it or not, uffdah!?  I left the country for two weeks and decided to come back!  Or at least the plane ticket had been purchased for me to come back, not sure I wanted to.  I am realizing more and more what is important in life and what is not so important, though it is still hard to pursue the important and not be distracted by all the rest of the "stuff".  Getting out of your own little bubble and seeing how life works for people in another part of the world gives you a different perspective and way of looking at things.  I am incredibly grateful for this experience!
Leanne and I spent 13 days with a group of 14 other teens and adults in Ecuador on a missions trip.  Our main purpose was to encourage and support the several missionaries who live and work there by helping them with needed projects.  I have a new appreciation for those who choose full-time ministry, especially in cultures so different from what they are accustomed to.  It takes a real commitment and steadfastness and quite often self-sacrifice.  Not sure I would have the patience and perseverance for that over the long haul. 

I was sooo glad that I could share the experience with Leanne and know it was an amazing time for her, eye-opening and heart tugging.  I hope that it has changed her too and that she will treasure the memories and the impressions made on her for years to come.

Because I have already spent oodles of time getting photos of our trip into an album on Facebook, instead of posting them all again here I am inviting you to check out the album:

I don't think you have to be my "friend" to see them but if so I would be glad to accept you as my friend :)  I hope it works even if you are not a facebooker but let me know if it doesn't.

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