Sunday, January 17

Skol Vikings!!!!!

They did it! 
Minnesota vs. Dallas and the Vikings not only pulled it off- they crushed the Cowboys, even though the Cowboys were bigger and the Vikings helmets were cock-eyed and the football had been chewed on by the dog and they played in their socks!

So anyone who knows us well knows we are avid Vikings fans, even me.  I decided about 13 years ago that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em and so as a family we have enjoyed many victories, endured many defeats and consumed many gallons and pounds of root beer and pizza with many friends every Sunday from September through January.  However, I am not a total football fanatic like some people I know (and am married to), who religiously check all the web sites morning, noon, and night all year long, and who would watch it morning, noon and night all year long if they had NFL network.  But, hey, we all have our addictions, mine is smooth and sweet and brown. :)

Here's us with our faithful Viking friends, the Houle's,
I think this was in 1999.

Bill had season tickets for the 2000 season but sold most of them. 

He got to three games, one game we bought tickets for the two seats next to ours and brought the boys, who thought it was awesome. 
This was taken that day...

This year my husband gave me a pink Farve jersey!

Next to Brett Favre, my favorite player is Sidney Rice.  He is amazing.

On to New Orleans!!  SKOL VIKINGS!!


Chris said...

Wasn't that game a blast to watch?! I love the pictures. A pink Favre jersey, now that is cool!

Rachelle said...

Oh, I love this post! Great photos! Your first paragraph with that picture of the boys is too cute. I love the pic of our families together. Boy, we had a lot of kids! Who's idea was that anyway?? Yes, we consumed a lot of root beer and frozen pizza. Those are the good old days! :o)