Monday, August 22


I think that is what our kids are yelling lately, at least to themselves.   But for me it's more like SAAAAAAAADNEEEEEEESS!  Letting go of your kids is one of those thistles in life that ya gotta do but gosh it is painful, mixed in with exciting, and a roller coaster of emotions for this momma.

Last week Leanne passed her driver's test. 
Here she is-- one happy girl! one nervous momma.

Right after she passed her test we went to the airport to say goodbye to Landon who flew to Florida. without his momma. to visit his new girlfriend. !?

And then I drove Landon's car and followed Leanne in the van as she took her first solo drive. by herself. without her momma.  About half way home I burst into tears and bawled.  It hit me hard~ my kids don't need me anymore : '(  Sob, sob.  I pulled myself together before we got home.

Then today we helped Brian move into the West Hall at Oak Hills Christian College.  It was just 29 years ago that I moved into the East Hall there and 26 years ago that Bill moved into West Hall.  It still looks the same!

I made sure he had a photo of us so he doesn't forget his family :).

Here he is with his new roommate- himself.  For now he has his own room.  Good thing because with his keyboard, guitar, banjo, accordian and organ there won't be room for anyone else.

I didn't even blubber or sniffle or cry when we said goodbye, I was so proud of myself.!  Nevermind that he's only about eight miles away from home.  I miss him already.  Sob, sob.  Next week we bring Landon to college in Michigan, oof dah, how much can one momma take?  I won't think about that. yet.


Connie said...

Just wait until your nest is empty....that is hard. But then you adjust and begin to enjoy your freeeeedoooom!! haha

Rachelle said...

I love Connie's comment!

I'm w/you Laurie, letting go is for the birds and change is incredibly hard!

If we can just get through this next few years... maybe we'll start enjoying our freedom like Connie suggests.

In the meantime.... wah. I hate change.