Thursday, June 3

At forty-six.....

Don'tcha know now, today we hit forty-six.....
So to honor the occasion-- a poem, just for kicks:

At forty-six,
life's not all that bad,
we still have our looks, and can still read books (without bi-focals),
though some things have started to sag.

Those flaps of skin we used to call breasts,
have drooped to the waist where they now rest.

Our hair (without dye) is an interesting color-
a sort of dish-water gray/blonde,
the likes of which I am not fond.

But about our hair, it's still thick as can be,
quite amazing really-
we have teenagers, you see.

Wait, yours is not gray- it's still a nice brown-
sister, you don't color it, do you?? frown!
This isn't fair, people will compare,
and think you are younger than me.
I can't afford to keep coloring-
so just let it be!

Let it be.....let it be-ee....let it be, yeah....let it be.....
speaking words of wisdom, let it be.............

Speaking of wisdom, now that's something we've got-
we have learned some stuff in our forty-six years, have we not??

Yes, at forty-six, we've got some smarts,
though occasionally we might forget some parts.
Don'tcha hate those momentary lapses in memory,
a.k.a. brain farts?

Life's been good to us, these forty-six years,
you certainly must agree-
we have husbands who love us,
and darling children- you two, me three.

Beautiful creatures, they are-
although sometimes annoying,
raising them up we are truly enjoying.

We may not be spring chickens,
but neither are we old hens-
well, maybe we do peck, waddle, and "buck, buck, buck-ock" now and then. :)

We've come a long ways, baby,
through blood, sweat and tears-
but I have a feeling from here on out will be our best years!

Let's live it up, sis, live it up good-
for soon we'll be joining the geriatric neighborhood!

But no need to fret what's ahead or we've missed-
we'll just keep crossing things off our bucket list!

So, cheers to me, and cheers to you, sis,
cuz this is as good as it gets-
at forty-six.

Love you, Linda Rae!
From your sis, Laurie Kae!

1977! Serving punch at our parent's 25th anniversary,
that's our Dad behind me.


Connie said...

You two are just as cute as ever! You sure did cause a commotion in our family when you came along, and you are still very special people. Happy Birthday!!

Rachelle said...

I commented quite a while ago on this post, but it didn't show up. Blogger was having technical difficulties, I guess. Anyway, love the poem and the photos! And a big huge Happy Belated Birthday to you and your sis!