Tuesday, April 6

fer cryin' out loud-

Talk about embarrassing-- I'm sure you have never done anything like this (except for you, Allison) but today I had just enough time before picking Brian up after school to stop at the store to get some snacks to bring to Leanne who was at a track meet in town here and starving of course.  Got to the check out and didn't have my debit card, no check book, no cash, no I.D, nothing.  Argh.  A naked feeling.  Sheepish apology given to the clerk.  When I got out to the car I remembered I had switched purses on Sunday before church, duh!  I can't even say this is the first time this has happened.  Almost as bad as the time I drove to the Middle School after dropping kids off at the high school, going around the parking lot and then realizing there is no one in the van to drop off at the Middle School!*!  I did that more than once too, actually.  We haven't had kids at the Middle School for almost a year now.  And then there was the time.....just kidding, I'm not going to bring up any more of my embarrassing moments right now. 

Brian was kind enough to pay for a sub sandwich for Leanne and offered to go in to find her inside the Rec. Center.  It was so crowded he gave up looking and gave the sub to a friend of his and said "If you see Leanne soon give this to her, if you don't just eat it."  So I'm not sure if Leanne ever got something to eat or not, I'll find out when she gets home.


Rachelle said...

This is funny! We all do things like this. I wanna know, did Leanne ever get to eat her sandwich??

Wisconsin Farmgirl said...

Too funny Laurie! I love the part about still going to the middle school! You are so cute! Hope you are enjoying your early spring! There are NO complaints from down here in Wisconsin!!

Laurie said...

Yes, Leanne did get the sandwich, although it passed through the hands of about four different people first!