Saturday, October 31

Recycled Reeboks

My husband is actually a pretty sentimental guy.  He once had a pair of Reebok tennis shoes that he wore out but thought he could still get some more out of them if we washed them.  So I washed them and he hung them out on the clothes line and they dried and dried for days and weeks and months out on the clothes line.  They hung there all winter!  Well, after a year went by (seriously) I thought we should throw them away but Bill still didn't want to let them go.  So I decided since the birds hadn't made a nest in them I would try them out as flower pots!  Put some petunias in them and set them on the front step for a summer.  Then one day when Bill wasn't home I said a final goodbye to those Reeboks.  Actually, I didn't dare throw them out without asking first, so he finally agreed to let them go.  He still misses them I think.


Rachelle said...

How funny! What a great idea to plant flowers in them, very cute! Silly Billy.

Connie said...

Cute idea!! I know how sentimental old shoes can be. I just did a post about my favorite garden shoes, an old pair of flip flops. Wonder how I can re-use them, so I don't have to throw them away...any creative ideas?